The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Live Casino

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Live Casino

live casino

In addition to the live casino, the live stream of a video game can be played at a computer. The main technology of live casinos is optical character recognition, which is embedded into the live stream. OCR can recognize characters on cards digitally, such as a Royal Flush. Because the live stream is captured, online casinos will know if a player has hit a Royal Flush or was the dealer in a blackjack game.


When you sign up for a live casino, you are entering a virtual world, not a real one. While the games in the live casino may be more realistic, the margin of error is greater. You can have more fun playing in a real-time casino, because you’ll interact with real people and not a robot. While it can be tempting to win big, you should also remember to play responsibly. Play within your budget and limit.

High resolution

The latest technological advancements in high resolution live casino gaming are making this type of gambling much more accessible. These games are being offered via 5G networks that make it possible to access the live casino on the move. In addition, these live games are based on new concepts that follow a TV game show format. Evolution Gaming is the software developer that created many of these games. Hence, HD screens are essential for these games. Moreover, 5G networks are always on and therefore, you can access high resolution gaming on the go.

Social gaming

While social gaming in live casinos has many advantages, there are some cons as well. While real-money games may be fun, these games do have a lot of drawbacks. While social games provide the opportunity to play against friends and other people from around the world, they also come with more risks. Using free coins can result in you losing money, but you’re still likely to be able to earn it back with minimal effort.

RTP percentage

When choosing a live casino, you should look at the RTP percentage. The higher the percentage, the better for your bankroll. Choosing games with a high RTP can improve your bankroll, but not at the cost of volatility. For example, volatile games require loads of spins before you reach the true RTP. Therefore, choose titles with a lower percentage if you want to maximize your chances of winning.